Municipal Yard Waste Composting - Operator's Fact Sheets Series #1-10


Tom Richard
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Municipal yard waste composting projects range from small part time operations handling a few hundred yards a year, to huge facilities processing tens of thousands of yards with several full time employees. Whatever the scale, operators who understand the basics of the composting process can help insure the program's success.

The 10 fact sheets cover the most important aspects of operating a composting facility. The emphasis is on fundamentals, since the specifics of equipment and technique will vary by facility. By understanding these fundamentals, operators can diagnose and correct problems as they arise. The troubleshooting sheet (Fact Sheet #10), provides a summary of common problems and remedies. A complete set of these fact sheets should be available to every compost facility worker, and can also be posted on a wall for easy and frequent reference.

Citation:  Richard, T. L. 1992.  “Municipal yard waste composting: an operator's guide.” A series of ten fact sheets. Cornell Resource Center, Ithaca, NY.

These fact sheets were developed with support from Westchester County, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Cornell University. Particular thanks go to Tori Wishart and Nancy Dickson for their assistance with this project.

"Fact Sheet #1, The Compost Process"

"Operator's Fact Sheets, Table of Contents"


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