Calculate Required Weight of Third Ingredient for Ideal Moisture Content

This calculation solves the moisture equation for the required weight of a third ingredient to balance the first two and achieve your moisture goal. Enter the moisture goal, percentages of water, and known weights below and then click on the calculate button to get the result. If you have only two ingredients be sure to enter zeroes in the fields for the missing ingredient.

Note - There is an unresolved rounding error with this software. Please enter whole numbers for all inputs, and the results should be correct.

% H20
Known Weight
Unknown Weight
Enter Moisture Goal (%): Calculate for Weight of Third Ingredient:

Here's the Formula:
Given overall moisture percentage goal of (g)

Ingredient %H20 Known Weight Unknown Weight
a x
b y
c z

Required weight of third ingredient (z) = ((g * x) + (g * y) - (a * x) - (b * y))/(c - g)


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