Calculate C/N Ratio For Three Materials

This calculation solves for the carbon to nitrogen ratio of up to three materials. Enter the mass of each material (wet weight), percentage of carbon, percentage of nitrogen, and percentage of moisture, then click on the calculate button. If you have less than three materials be sure to enter zeroes in the fields for the missing materials.

Note - Use whole numbers

% H20
% Carbon
% Nitrogen
C/N Ratio

Here's the Formula:
Given overall moisture percentage goal of (g)

Ingredient %H20 Weight %Carbon %Nitrogen C/N Ratio
1 M1 Q1 C1 N1
2 M2 Q2 C2 N2
3 M3 Q3 C3 N3

in which: 

	R = C/N ratio 

	Qn = mass of material n ("as is", or "wet weight") 

	Cn = carbon (%) 

	Nn = nitrogen (%) 

	Mn = moisture content (%) of material n

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