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NYS Woodchip Sources Map

This map was created to help composters find a source of woodchips for composting. The places listed on this map have woodchips that can be dropped at your place or for pick-up at their facility. In most cases, all you need to do is call with your name and address, to be put on a list. When the facility is chipping in your area, they will drop the chips off to you. Some facilities have a stockpile of chips that you can pick-up during normal business hours.

Hovering over a dot displays the facility name, city and services provided. Clicking on a dot displays all of the information available about the facility.

To search the map for a facility, click on the magnifying glass (bottom left) and enter the city and state of the general area in which you would like to find a source of woodchips. Make sure you include the state. If you are searching for Rome, NY and only type Rome, you will get Italy!

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