American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
A national organization. for state highway and transportation officials . This organization provides information and data on a variety of issues and topics of interest to professionals including specifications, legislative news, and other services.
Alexander, Ron. 2003. Standard Specifications for Compost for Erosion/Sediment Control.
American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials -
Rodale Organic Gardening Compost Quality Seal (Rodale)
A partnership between Rodale Organic Gardening and Woods End Research Laboratory (WERL), Inc. Rodale is well known as the publisher of Organic Gardening Magazine. WERL tests and conducts research on compost and produces compost testing kits and supplies. Under the Rodale Organic Gardening Quality Seal of Approval Program, compost producers submit samples to WERL where it is tested for key nutrients and trace elements, pH, C:N ratio, heavy metals, pesticide residues, weed seeds and pathogens. Based on the results, the compost is then classified for best use as seed starter, potting mix, garden compost, topsoil blend, mulch or fertilizer. For the purposes of this project, specific values for parameters for the different uses were obtained from WERL on December 19, 2002. The program is designed to provide "a marketing edge for manufacturers, which can guarantee the quality of their products by displaying the seal on packaging and in promotions." Check for current costs.
Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine -
Seal of Approval Application Packet -
U.S. Composting Council (USCC FGC)
This not-for-profit organization published a USCC Field Guide to Compost Use which contains guidelines for different uses (see #1 below). They have also compiled specifications for compost use by state Departments of Transportation (see #2 below). USCC also created and administers the Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program. Participating compost producers can display the seal if they submit samples to STA certified laboratories for analysis of selected physical and chemical parameters and meet standards for 9 metals equivalent to those required by US EPA for sewage sludges used as a soil amendment. There is no classification of composts for different uses. There is a fee for this program. Check for current costs.


1. US Composting Council. 1996. Field Guide to Compost Use.

2. US Composting Council. 2001. Compost Use on State Highway Applications.



US Composting Council -
Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program -
Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service (NRAES)
NRAES is an interdisciplinary, issue-oriented program sponsored by cooperative extension of fourteen member land grant universities. Their On-Farm Composting Handbook includes guidelines for compost used in agriculture (See #1 below).


Rynk, Robert. 1992. On-Farm Composting Handbook. NRAES.


Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service -
Mulch and Soil Council
Formerly the National Bark and Soil Producers Association. Their mission is to "define quality products and promote and open marketplace for producers of horticultural mulches, consumer soils and commercial growing media." They have identified pH and soluble salt ranges for compost, topsoil and other products.


Mulch and Soil Council -

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